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1) Biden deflated the Right-Wing notion that conservative Republicans have ownership of working and middle class family issues. He drew the "kitchen table" line between families like Palin's and families like his own in places like Scranton, PA and Wilmington, DE. One feels compelled to ask Palin and those of a similar mindset exactly WHICH working and middle class families they claim to so wholly represent.

2) Biden came across as more "real" than Palin. While she was well rehearsed and sharp, you could tell she was performing, with her cutesy winks and snarky one-liners. Her opponent not only succeeded but excelled by simply being himself.

3) Biden actually bothered to answer the moderator's questions and succinctly countered all of Palin's jabs at both he and Barack Obama.

4) While Biden succesfully anchored George W. Bush to John McCain, Palin adherred herself to Dick Cheney when she stated that not only does she believe the vice president should strong-arm the Senate into voting in step with their administration, but that they should take full advantage of the significantly expanded powers Cheney has wrought and enjoyed.

5) Biden won the moment he choked up talking about the loss of his first wife and baby daughter in that car crash and having to raise his two severely injured sons on his own. Palin did herself no favors by responding with a talking point. Where Biden connected with the American people on visceral level through that genuine show of emotion, Palin lost them by continuing her cute-but-cruel, well scripted act.
Apparently, when it comes to age and experience (McCain) vs change and "newness" (Obama), Sarah Palin prefers the latter:
She'll probably backtrack by saying something along the lines of "What I meant was my youth and new ideas plus Senator McCain's maverick-i-ness and experience equals one heck of a winning combo! Such as. Also." Which is still a ringing endorsement of the other ticket since Obama has more relevant experience than Palin and Biden is six years younger than McCain (and has spent longer in Congress).


Obama and Palin Win in '08

Regardless of who wins in November, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin will come out on top.

A lost bid for the presidency come Election Day would still be a win for Obama. He's already made history by being voted the first African-American presidential candidate of a major party. He's young, so he can always run again at any point in the future and have the backing of millions (both in terms of supporters and dollars). A loss would also give him time to work out any policy kinks he may have. He's guaranteed to have a very long Senatorial career given the wealth of power and influence he's won as a historic presidential candidate. That and his boundless affability will keep him in the public eye for decades to come. Whether his candidacy ends in victory or (narrow) defeat, it's a win-win situation for Barack--and his country. 

Something Obama and Sarah Palin have in common--besides their youth and good looks--is that people just LIKE them.

This is especially true for Palin. Her candidacy is based almost entirely on personality and her gift at connecting with white, female, and middle class Americans on an instinctive level. She has no foreign policy experience, hardly any domestic policy experience, and may or may not have abused her power as Governor of Alaska. And yet here she is, a couple lapsed heartbeats away from being leader of the free world. Why? Because her charm and broad appeal are undeniable. I disagree with her on every political issue (or those she's managed to articulate) and we have little in common personally, but I nonetheless, well, like her. She reminds me of a lot of women I've known and appreciated growing up. Obviously I wouldn't vote for her but that's beside the point. A loss for Palin in November would be an even bigger victory for her than for the equally appealing Obama because it's painfully obvious that she simply isn't ready for the job she's campaigning for. Should she and McCain lose, she could return to her Gubernatorial post, sharpen her political wits, learn a thing or two about life outside of the Arctic frontier, and very likely become President of the United States herself in the not-so-distant future. It's also worth noting that in this race, Palin's running mate needs her much more than she needs him.
Blegh, I hate feelings. Especially when they get all conflict-y like now.

Looks like I'm about to be gainfully employed. I start training at Starbucks (I can hear you snickering!) next week. Yay.

I'm anxious about whether the summer classes I took at a community college will count towards my degree. If not I can kiss applying to grad school goodbye for another year. Nay.

My 22nd birthday is in 4 days. Yay.

Thoughts of those people I used to call friends are invading my head today for some reason. I hate them and miss them and want them to suffer and to miss me all at the same time. For better or worse (can't decide which), they were a big part of my life for four years and it's strange that that's all over now. Especially since it didn't end on good terms. I worked really hard on all of those friendships. I went into it an obese, graceless loser and thought i was leaving this new person with all these lifelong friendships. Turns out I am a completely different person and I've changed for the better. But the friendships? Not so lifelong. I feel dumped and I don't like it. Nay.

If I can just stop associating my thesis--which I started last spring--with all of what happened with me and my so-called friends, I could get it done, no problem. Yay?


So I was in the Gay.com 'Intellectuals' room when one user made a crack about his "Sarah Palin action figure" coming with a compartment for red ketchup. Hardy-har-har. I sent him a private message and the following exchange occurred:

highfunctioningslacker: making fun of palin
      because she's an asshole is one thing,
      but because she has menses? that's
massa_confusa: she's a bloody cunt, that
      is the point
massa_confusa: palin was not chosen
      because of her qualifications, it is
      because she is a woman, and that is
      why I believe her gender is fit for
highfunctioningslacker: uh
highfunctioningslacker: still sexist
massa_confusa: if hillary had won, then
      the republicans would have picked a
      black man as a VP
highfunctioningslacker: don't ridicule
      women because she happens to be
highfunctioningslacker: she's not their rep
massa_confusa: she is their rep as she
      accepted the nomination
highfunctioningslacker: i mean women, not
highfunctioningslacker: ridicule republicans
      all you like
massa_confusa: and as far as making fun
      of her menses, it is called sarcasm
massa_confusa: if this offends you, then
      grow a bigger pair of balls
highfunctioningslacker: nice line
highfunctioningslacker: sarcasm,
      sexism--not one in the same
highfunctioningslacker: if someone used
      that excuse with us you'd want their
      balls in a jar
massa_confusa: you know, I make fun of
      being a fag, doesnt mean I am a bigot
highfunctioningslacker: you sure about
massa_confusa: I criticize fags for being
      whores spreading aids, doesnt make
      me a bigot
highfunctioningslacker: anal sex and AIDS
      jokes and all?
massa_confusa: when black men refer
      them themselves as niggas, what do
      you think that means?
highfunctioningslacker: its supposed to be
      taking it back and using it as a term of
massa_confusa: not jokes. you are missing
      the point. If I am critical of gay men, I
      am doing it honestly, not painting a
      rosy picture. It is reality and
massa_confusa: and sarcasm can
      accomplish the very same thing
highfunctioningslacker: its not necessay to
      make fun of menses to discredit palin
massa_confusa: sarcasm can be offensive
      and endearing at the same time
highfunctioningslacker: but kudos on a
      moderately well crafted joke
highfunctioningslacker: you could have
      done worse
massa_confusa: palin is a stupid stooge
      and an idiot, and open to ridicule
highfunctioningslacker: yeah, as a person
      and a candidate, not as a woman
massa_confusa: you keep coming back to
      her menses, you cannot figure out it
      was a sarcastic joke?
highfunctioningslacker: just like barney
      frank is open for ridicule, but not as a
      gay man
massa_confusa: I think she is an idiot in
      large part because she is a woman
highfunctioningslacker: no, i totally got the
massa_confusa: I do not believe she is fit
      for ofice
massa_confusa: look at her fucked up
highfunctioningslacker: explain the woman
      = idiot thing
massa_confusa: are you a republican? Is
      this your gripe?
highfunctioningslacker: no, im defo not a
highfunctioningslacker: but i am a feminist
massa_confusa: women do not have the
      same demeanor and experience as
      men, therefore not as qualified as men
      for higher office
highfunctioningslacker: HA!
highfunctioningslacker: ok, so there you
      go. you're a sexist
highfunctioningslacker: which is what ive
      been saying the whole time
massa_confusa: you are a man and a
      feminist? give me a break. that is the
      most polite way of describing someone
      as a pussy I have ever heard
highfunctioningslacker: lol wooooooow
massa_confusa: I am a sexist, yes and
      proud of it, grow some balls
highfunctioningslacker: chauvinist much?
highfunctioningslacker: lol
massa_confusa: you are a pussy
highfunctioningslacker: alright there, guy
highfunctioningslacker: whatever you say
highfunctioningslacker: i wouldnt want to
      offend your manly pride by disagreeing
      with you

Like I said, make fun of Palin because she's an asshole with fucked up views on the economy, women's rights, and a host of other things. But don't do it to indulge your own chauvinistic pigheadedness--ESPECIALLY if you're gay and should know what it's like to be judged for your biology and not your character.

Sarah Palin is Not a Bimbo

Sarah Palin is not a bimbo, and I'm sick of reading/hearing her referred to as such. She's not stupid and she's not where she is simply because she's good looking (yes, any McCain campaigners reading this, I'm "dismissing" her as good looking; assholes). She's intelligent, cunning, determined, and while personable (even when she has no idea what she's talking about, see: the Charlie Gibson interview) her's isn't a career based purely on personality. Calling her a bimbo or a slut or a whore or a MILF because you disagree with her political positions and personal beliefs is not only sexist but willfully, obstinately ignorant. She's none of those things.

She is, however, completely, utterly unfit to be Vice President of the United States. Being a small town mayor and single-term governor of a geographically isolated, sociopolitically-homogenous state (population: 683,478) does not grant one sufficient bona fides to occupy the second highest office in the land. Marion Barry was mayor of millions. Arnold Scwartzenegger is a two-term governor of the most populous and ethnically diverse state in the union. Would you want either of them within a lapsed heartbeat of the presidency should their 72-year-old boss kick the proverbial bucket? No? Me neither. And it has nothing to do their gender or relative physical attractiveness.  

Guilt is a Gift

I finally feel guilty enough to finish my thesis paper. I've been avoiding it since a certain summertime debacle with certain former friends. But now that everything is wrapping up with me and CSUN, I figure I might as well take the plunge and get it over with.

"...And I Feel Fine"


Misery Loves Democrats

It has come to our attention that a large number of Democrats have gone completely nuts about Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

He’s going to lose! Sarah Palin is getting all the attention! The Republicans are so mean! Why isn’t he tougher?

They’re calling each other up to discuss how doomed they are, vowing to move to Canada as soon as the election is over and the inevitable worst has occurred. Really, we evacuated several hurricane-prone states with more cheer and optimism.

Cheer up, Obama-ites. You’re overreacting. I’ll answer all your questions as long as you promise to take deep breaths into this nice paper bag.

Have you seen the polls? He should be talking more about the economy! Why isn’t his campaign working harder?

If the Obama brain trust seems relatively serene compared with its seething base, it’s because they live in the Electoral College world, where the presidential race only takes place in a third of the country. They don’t care about national polls — a concept as quaint as measuring one’s wealth by caribou pelts. They worry about the undecided vote in Minnesota and Ohio and run their TV ads (about the economy) in places like Colorado and Michigan and Florida. If you live in California or New York or Texas, you don’t really have much of a feel for their level of effort because as far as they’re concerned, you’ve already voted.

I’m beginning to think we should have gone with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary now lives in a golden alternative universe. As soon as the Democrats had actually nominated Obama, they decided that Clinton was by far the better candidate and that they had destroyed their chances by not choosing her. This is the nature of the party. If she had not been in the race, the Democrats would probably be bemoaning the fact that they hadn’t stuck with John Edwards and nailed down the critical swing-state philanderer vote.

Obama seems to be disappearing from the news compared with Sarah Palin!

One of the great things about this campaign is that both sides are convinced they’re going to lose. Remember how nuts all the Obama people went when Hillary refused to concede? How suicidal the Republicans were when Obama was knocking them dead in Europe while McCain was tooling around in a golf cart with the president’s father? We still have nearly two months to go. The people who haven’t decided who they want to vote for by now aren’t going to make up their minds until the last minute. Just chill for a few weeks until the debates start and let the Sarah Palin thing play itself out.

But the vice president isn’t supposed to get any attention, and all people can talk about is Palin, Palin, Palin!

True. I think that’s because she’s from Alaska. It’s got that frontier aura that we’ve missed since all the cowboy television series were canceled a generation ago. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to talk a lot about moose, which are a funny animal no matter how you slice it. If Palin had been a deer-hunting mom from New Jersey, John McCain would have gotten no post-convention bump whatsoever.

McCain, by the way, is the Republican nominee for president. You may remember him from the Sarah Palin convention in St. Paul, where he gave a speech and was congratulated by Sarah Palin.

Have you seen that Republican lipstick video? They’re trying to say Obama called her a pig!

Obama simply brought up the old saw about how “you can put lipstick on a pig; it’s still a pig.” The Republicans seem to be assuming that since Palin has a joke about how hockey moms are pit bulls with lipstick, all references to mammals wearing lip rouge are about her.

If you really want to see a strange line of attack, take a look at the wolf ad. It cuts from Palin’s face to Obama’s to packs of wolves prowling through the forest, presumably in search of vice-presidential prey. Then comes the text claiming that as Barack drops in the polls, “he’ll try to destroy her.” Given Palin’s affection for shooting wolves from airplanes with high-powered rifles, it’d be more appropriate to have them cowering in their dens while she aims her machine gun from a diving Cessna.

You don’t seem to appreciate how critical this election is.

Well, I definitely appreciate how long this election is. Time only seems short because these people have already been running for a year. Calm down. Remember, that 17-mile-long Swiss particle collider that people were afraid would create a black hole that swallows the Earth? It started operation this week. And so far, no planet-eating black holes. So you see, things could be worse.